Firefighter gets key to her own house

October 02, 2023
Tricia Hylton collects the key to her house from Prime Minister Andrew Holness.
Tricia Hylton collects the key to her house from Prime Minister Andrew Holness.
Windsor Hills Housing Scheme in Spicy Hill, Trelawny.
Windsor Hills Housing Scheme in Spicy Hill, Trelawny.

Tricia Hylton remembers vividly the moment she broke down in tears, after her application for a National Housing Trust (NHT) serviced lot at Steelfield Housing Scheme in Trelawny was unsuccessful. She was discouraged and lost hope in the process, vowing to never apply for another NHT lot or scheme unit again.

The 47-year-old recalled that in her moment of despair, her aunt, Stephanie, told her to keep hope alive.

"She said, 'Don't worry yourself, it is not your time yet. Something will come," Hylton recalled.

Those words were poignant and gave Hylton a renewed hope and confidence that her time would come, and it would be great. So when applications opened up for Windsor Hills, Trelawny, she decided to take a leap of faith.

"Something deep inside me told me, 'one of those houses is yours'." And with that, the Trelawny native applied.

"I applied for apply sake. So when my co-worker called me and told me my name was published in the paper, I was so surprised. I thought, clearly she must be lying! But, she was not, my name was right there in the paper."

The firefighter is the recipient of one of the 34 one-bedroom detached units which were handed over on September 27.

The scheme, which is located near Spicy Hill, is centrally located, giving homeowners access to several amenities and government entities.

Hylton said that despite the challenges and the feelings she had of discouragement, she had always prayed and asked God to ensure she owns her own home before she reaches 50. She is relieved that her prayers have been answered.

"I have so many emotions, but one thing I know is God is real. And it could only be possible through the one true and living God," she said.

The scheme, which also has an additional 26 Serviced Lots in Phase 1, offers breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea to the north and lush, rolling hills to the south. When asked what she looked forward to the most in this new season of her life she said, "to be able to sleep in it and to have my keys in my hand, so I can shout thank you Jesus, thank you God!".

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