I don’t want any man in my house

September 21, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am 60 years old. I am living with my twin sister. I am having a concern about myself because my twin sister and I bought a house five years ago, and my sister told me that she had no intentions of getting married. That is why the both of us bought this house. She went to America and met a man over there. She sent back to tell me that this man and herself have fallen in love and they are going to get married.

I don't have a man, and I don't have any intention of looking for one. I don't intend to get married. I don't want any man to harass my body. My days for that are over. I don't have any feelings for a man. My problem is that my sister wants to bring this man to live in the house that she and I own. I told her that that cannot work. If she wants to stay in America with her man, then she can stay, but I don't want to have to cover up when I'm walking in my house because a man is here with us. I want to ask you how to handle this problem that I am facing.


Dear T,

I understand what you are saying. You can't be against your sister for finding a man, but I could understand why you don't want to share the house with your sister and her new husband. People may say that it is her house as much as yours, and that's true, but when both of you bought the house, her circumstances were different.

I gather that your sister is thinking of bringing this man to live permanently. It's going to be hard for you to adjust to them. Perhaps you can compromise and tell your sister that she should not expect to bring her husband to Jamaica to live in the house indefinitely. He should consider coming and spending a couple weeks then leave, because you would not be happy having her man and herself living together at the house.


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