I want the formula to get a boy baby

March 30, 2020

Dear Pastor,

This is to tell you that I am a regular reader of your column and that I always listen to your show. You are doing a good job in the newspaper and on radio. Keep up the good work.

I have three children. They are all girls. My husband wants us to have a boy. He is a businessman and he wants his name to last. He said that his girls are going to get married and he wants a son who would carry his full name; first, middle and last. Sometimes I take this as a big joke because every time we have sexual intercourse, and he discharges in me, he says to me, "that is a boy."

The amount of boys he has placed in me, if we were to count, it would be over a hundred. Mark you, he loves his daughters. He is a wonderful father. He treats them well. I would say that he has spoilt them. To them, dad is the greatest. But this man wants a son. I was wondering if you know of a formula for him to get a boy. If I knew the formula, I would gladly follow it so that he will get his son. I know this may sound as a joke, but I am so serious about it. Although, writing this letter to you, I am laughing because I am sure when you read it, you would say this is foolishness. But what I am saying is real.

My husband's brothers have sons; he is the only one who doesn't have a son. So any advice you can give to us would be appreciated.


Dear G.T,

I have known many males who were married and had children but they were all girls. I am thinking of a man, as I answer your letter, who was very prominent in society.

He had all girls, four of them. His wife and himself were trying their best to have a boy, but they never succeeded. They finally realised that it was not God's will for them to have a son.

I have another friend who is also a businessman and he dreamed of having a son and for his son to be part of his company and to have a sign saying so and so and son.

Now that has not happened. His wife and himself have three daughters and they are doing so very well.

A man does not have to father a son. Your husband and yourself have daughters. Tell your husband that his daughters can make valuable contribution in his business.

Women can be very powerful. And even if they are married, they do not have to take on their husband's names.

They still can carry their family name which of course would be his last name. What is important is for these girls to love their parents, to get a good education and to serve God. Bye bye, my dear.


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