My man is very jealous

March 26, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you from the US. I am a fan of yours. My husband and I read your column online and listen to you on the radio.

We pray that you will keep up your good work. I enjoy being married, but my husband is very jealous, and the thing is I am not doing anything that should cause him to be jealous.

I could have cheated on him a million times. I had opportunities to do so, but I have never done it.

My husband has cheated on me and I have forgiven him. He convinced me that the girl was constantly offering herself to him.

He asked for a transfer from one department to the next to avoid the girl. This same girl also got a transfer to that department about a year after and threw herself at him.

He had sex with her, but told her they couldn't go on like that, and she threatened to report him that he raped her. So he panicked. He even had to offer her some money to keep her quiet.

I had him go to the doctor and check out himself and he is clean, because they did not use the condom when they had sex. I forgave my husband.

He begged me to stay with him after this girl called me and told me that she had my husband and there was nothing I could do about that.

I told her I could do something by staying with him. My husband and I attend a Baptist church just like yours.


Dear R.F.,

You say your husband is jealous. I am sure you are not going to be surprised to hear me say that most men are.

As you know, women are very jealous, too, especially women who have good husbands. They are always afraid that other women will try to take them away.

I am glad that you love your husband and I am also happy that you are a forgiving wife. You forgave your husband for his infidelity.

You were not moved by this woman who bragged and threatened you.

I want to wish your husband and yourself many more years together. I am also happy that both of you are attending church. Take good care of each other and let me hear from you again.


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