Boyfriend always thinks I’m cheating

September 12, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I'm having a serious problem in my relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together now for four years and lately we have been having arguments quite often.

I have been accused of cheating numerous times. He always thinks that I am up to something. He has been searching my phone. I don't have my personal space; we do everything together.

The story is so long I can't even write it. I, however, need some counselling and I don't know where to go. Can you please assist me in this? I love him very much.

He is a nice person, but there are some things that are stressing me out. He thinks that I'm giving him reasons to behave the way he does. I seriously need some help.


Dear S,

For counselling to be very effective and meaningful, the couple should be willing to seek help together. Sometimes men who feel that they don't need help and that they can do without counselling, show that they need it most by the way they behave.

I will say it bluntly. People who reject the guidance of counsellors do so ignorantly. And many of them refuse to go to see family counsellors because they are afraid that they will be exposed.

They know that they will have to answer questions that the counsellor will ask. And some are afraid that their wives would know much more than they wish for them to know.

If a man refuses to go for counselling, he is not interested in his relationship. He doesn't want to save it.

But when a woman knows that she is not guilty of cheating or living a lie, she is quite willing to meet with family counsellors or psychologists, and she is willing to pay for the service.

I highly recommend Family Life Ministries. Their contact numbers are listed. You should not live under the stress this man is causing you.


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