Babyfather keeps giving me ‘bun’

August 09, 2019

Dear Pastor.

I am 22 years and I am having a problem, so I have decided to write to you. My boyfriend is also 22 years old and he is always cheating on me.

We have been together for the past two years now and we also have a three-month-old daughter together.

The first time I found out he was cheating on me, I asked him who the girl was and he told me that the girl was his cousin. I believed him.

A month after that I found out that I was pregnant. In the beginning, he was happy about the pregnancy, but then he changed and stopped coming around.

I heard that he was up and down with the other woman. When I called and asked him, he said it was a lie.

So, one day, he came and slept with me and I looked into his phone and found out that it was true. I cried every day.

The girl moved overseas and he started to come back around and we talked and I forgave him. He told me that he loved me and he wouldn't cheat on me or let me cry again.

Pastor, he is cheating again and I found out through his friends and family this time. They said that he got another woman pregnant.

When I asked him, he denied it. One day I got a WhatsApp message from a guy who was making a pass at me and I blocked him from my phone.

I found out that the guy is the brother of the woman who is pregnant for my boyfriend. They were trying to blackmail me. When I told my boyfriend, he said that I was lying.

One day he called me and said that he was sorry because the girl sent him naked pictures saying that I was making a pass at her brother and he cursed her because he knew how my body looked.

So, I blocked my boyfriend from my phone for days and he called my mom, saying that he wanted to see his daughter.


I unblocked him because I didn't want to stop him from seeing his child.

Now, he is telling me the truth. He is saying that the girl could be pregnant for him because they were using a condom, but it broke. So, maybe he is the father.

He said that the girl has her man. Now, he is saying that he is sorry and that he wants to marry me.

Pastor, he bought a wedding ring and he is coming to Jamaica in December to marry me. I am confused because I still love this guy. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Dear A.S.,

This guy is not truthful. He is a player. Don't allow him to continue to make a fool out of you. You say that you still love him, but I am telling you that you would be a fool to marry him.

He has not proven to be faithful. He has bought you a ring, he says, although you have not accepted a proposal from him.

Take it from me, the ring he has bought will burn your finger. You have a child by him; of course, you should allow him to support his child. But I cannot encourage you to marry him.


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