Don’t wanna be a burden to my man

August 08, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am a 22-year-old mother of two with the support of my children's father. He is a very good father and a very good partner.

We have been together for four years, but now I am having a problem. I think he is under pressure doing everything on his own, and I hate having to wait and depend on him all the time.

I need my independence. I write seeking your help in gaining employment.

Pastor, I have no qualifications and I would like to go and pursue a course in hospitality and food and beverage. In order to do so, I need a job. I was once a cashier and a waitress.

I am depending too much on my partner, and even though he has not said anything, I know a man will get tired of a woman depending on him for everything at all times, especially after four years.

Pastor, please, help me. I await your humble response, and thank you in advance.


Dear Dependent,

I supposed you have checked out HEART. If you have not, you should do so. They will advise you how to go about learning hospitality and food and beverage courses.

You are young and already you have two children, and you believe that you should bear some of the expenses to run a home and to take care of your children.

I would say that you are a very wise young woman. Try and don't get any more children until you are in a better financial position. If anybody is willing to offer you a job I will be willing to contact you.


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