I slept with my old landlord for money

January 22, 2021

Mi say, when mi was about 19 years old, mi move come a town come live with mi mother in a tenement yard. A rent she and di other people dem did a pay. The landlord did old til him body shake when him a walk, but him did feel like him a young bwoy.

From di time me reach a di yard go live, him start act like him waah look mi, but everybody used to say him mean. Him did have a shop, and every time mi go buy anything, him always a squeeze up mi hand and a ask if mi nuh wah come inside.

Dem time, a $7,000 mi madda a pay fi rent and mi tell miself say every time she pay him mi a guh get it back from him. Him give me back couple times, but after a while him say mi nah get nutten unless mi come inside him house, suh mi brave up one day and guh. Next ting mi know di old geezer a beg mi kiss. Mi stop mi breath and say make mi do it. Mi say STAR, di man mouth stink a rum. It did suh watery, mi almost vomit.

Me never surprise seh him did waah more than kiss. Him say him want have sex wid mi. At first, mi tell miself say mi nah do, it but when mi tink bout di money, mi brave up and take off mi clothes.

Money Bag

All now him no enter mi body, because him soft like butter. After dat, him have the nerve to give me only $8,000, but I never say a word. Mi see which part him take di money from and as him go bathe, mi go in there go take up di entire bag with the money and go way.

Days after dat him come a ask if a mi take up him money bag, but mi get mad and ask him whe him a talk 'bout, and how mi fi take up money when him tell mi say is the last $8,000 him give me. Him never say a next word about it after that day. Soon after dat, him give we notice from him yard.

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