‘It just really hard’ - Disabled woman seeks motorised wheelchair for greater independence

September 28, 2020
Loraine Simpson
Loraine Simpson

In 1994, when she was 16, an unfortunate event changed Loraine Simpson's life for the worse.

"Me get a terrible fall dung in a the yard where me use to live at the time, and from that, me just cyah walk. I paralyse from my hip and my two foot them," she said.

Simpson, who has been forced to use a wheelchair ever since, informed THE STAR that life has been challenging for her to survive on her own, especially over the last few years. Her mother, who was her main source of assistance, passed away in 2013. Simpson said she has no other relatives to rely on.

"It nuh easy for me because I don't have my mother to take care of me again, for me to get food, and so it is just friends that help me most times," she said.

Simpson, now 42, has, however, been trying to fend for herself from a wheelchair, though it has been a tough few years. Her hope is to get a motorised wheelchair as pushing the wheelchair is hard.

"Chu me cyah get around so easy when me do me little selling, me a ask fi some help. To push the hand one and sell, it really hard on me. If I get the chair, it would mean much to me because I can handle myself more proper. Sometimes from wheeling, my hands pain up, and it just really hard," she told THE STAR.

Tries to get sales

Simpson, who lives in east Kingston, spends the majority of her days wheeling through her community where she tries to get sales.

"Since my mommy passed on, some people just put me up at a house, and I move around and sell to people in a di community, but right now, I only sell soap powder. I would love to have some other stuff," she said. "I'm not making enough money from the soap powder, so I would like to sell some more stuff like rag, wipes, and some chips to try and make some more money."

Simpson said that her dream was to become a teacher, but after her accident, she abandoned that.

"Me nuh know why this happen to me," she said. "Me grow fi live with it because me cyah change nothing. Me just need some help to take care of myself because life nuh easy," she said.

Persons who wish to assist Loraine Simpson may contact her at (876) 538-8894.

- A.D.

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