‘Right now we happy’ - Park Lane and 100 Lane residents say peace reigns

August 07, 2020

Earlier this year, Park Lane and 100 Lane residents along Red Hills Road were asking one question in unison - "when it a go end?"

Both communities have been at war for some time now, but residents say there is peace at last.

"Things kinda calm yah now. No shooting nuh really gwaan in a the place in a recent times. Well, the other day there was a shooting on Red Hills Road and a yute get shot, but not in a Park Lane or 100 Lane," one Park Lane resident told THE WEEKEND STAR. "The people dem just a live and watch wah gwaan. Even though things good, we still a fi cautious cause we know when things can kick off."

One 100 Lane resident said the communities have finally been befriended by peace.

"Me nuh know if a the whole COVID thing come cool down the place. Cause all earlier in a the year, shot a fire a party and nine night. My thing is, me only hope dem keep the peace. A dis we did a bawl fah all along cause a bare innocent people did a dead off. Right now we happy," she said.

Another Park Lane resident credited the peace to the police presence in the community.

"The police vehicle dem always a drive through. A that's why the man dem afi a chill and keep it dung. More while police jeep all park out a road, so yuh know seh nothing caa gwaan," he said. "All party a gwaan in a the place, man. Up to last week we have a party in here. And we nuh have no interruptions, party just a run straight. In a weh day we afi a avoid road and now we all a party weh run up 'til 10 o'clock before police come and tell we fi go in before curfew."

Superintendent Aaron Fletcher, commanding officer for the St Andrew North Police Division, told THE WEEKEND STAR that there has been a reduction of crime in the division.

"The year started kind of tumultuous. Our division was way out ahead of all the other geographic divisions as it relates to the numbers of murders and shootings," he said.

Fletcher says a sustained increase in operational activities and interaction with the member of the communities, over time, brought about a reduction in criminal activities.

"Notwithstanding the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to engage the females primarily in parenting workshops and donations of care packages. Of course, increased presence would've come of all that, whether as a result of intervention or operational activities. That's why we are reaping benefits," he said.

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