It’s a miracle - Woman who needed heart transplant says prayer healed her

August 04, 2020
Thitania Williams
Thitania Williams
Thitania Williams
Thitania Williams

In May, 27-year-old Thitania Williams was told that she desperately needed a heart transplant. Terrified, she immediately started seeking funds to go overseas and get the surgery done.

But three months later, before she could accumulate the required US$100,000, she got the news that her heart is fine. She believes it is a miracle. "God is good. I believe that I'm healed," Williams told THE STAR.

Williams' ordeal began two years ago when, during her pregnancy, she suffered preeclampsia, which is a pregnancy complication characterised by high blood pressure and potential damage to the organs.

She said the condition directly led to her heart issues. In May, she fell ill and has been unable to work since. But the Spanish Town High School teacher says things are looking up.

Church members

"I was going to church and my church members were praying for me. The bishop said that I didn't need the heart transplant. One Sunday, a lady (pastor) from overseas called me on Facebook and prayed for me. She said that I don't need a heart surgery. I used to watch her programmes but she didn't know me," she said. "I commented on her video and told her about my situation when she was doing a live session and asked her to pray for me."

Williams had a doctor's appointment the following Monday with a heart specialist. That's when she heard great news.

"He told me that I no longer need a surgery. He said I just need a couple more months of medication. In May, they also said I have a blood clot on my heart. Today (yesterday) I went to the doctor again and they said none is there. God is really working on me," she said. Williams, who has to find nearly $19,000 monthly to buy medication, says she is absolutely sure that she is healed and free of any complication.

"I feel much better. I am very confident right now. Everybody in my family is excited and overwhelmed with joy. Even the swellings on my feet come right down. My belly was big and stiff and it's down now back to normal size," she said. Doreen Morgan, Williams' mother, said, "A big God we serve ... yuh afi believe God. I'm so happy."

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