Trelawny man charged with double murder

November 08, 2019

A Trelawny man who reportedly chopped his nephew and his ex-girlfriend to death was charged with double murder earlier this week by the Trelawny police.

He has been identified as 39-year-old Garfield Edwards, farmer of Freeman's Hall, Trelawny.

Edwards was charged on Tuesday with the double murder of his nephew, 28-year-old Courtney Daley, and his ex-girlfriend 50-year-old Sophia Bryan.

Reports by the police are that Edwards and Bryan shared a common-law relationship for some time, which turned sour in late September; they then went their separate ways.

Weeks later, Edwards learnt that Daley was Bryan's new boyfriend, and residents in Freeman's Hall said he went into a rage.

Give him bun

"Garfield swear blind fi kill him own nephew, and sey him did a give him bun from long time, and dat him naw tek it so," one community member told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"Wi a warn Courtney fi sleep wid one eye open, because him uncle swear blind seh him gwan kill him fi tek weh him woman, but him neva tek heed. A pure laff him a laff, and tek it fi joke."

On the night of October 11, Edwards learnt that Daley was at Bryan's house. He reportedly armed himself with a machete and went to Bryan's home.

He forced his way inside where he saw Daley and Bryan naked in bed. Edwards then used the machete to inflict multiple chop wounds to them, before fleeing the premises.

Residents in the community stumbled upon the bodies the following morning and summoned the police.

Following an investigation, Edwards was taken into custody.

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