Car washer blames slow business on Kanye's concert

October 18, 2019

A man who washes cars for a living says a lot of his customers have been avoiding the Emancipation Park area in Kingston because of the fear of being caught in traffic.

The car washer, who calls himself the ‘Great Marble Shine’, blames the loss of business on Kanye West's Sunday Service which takes place in the park this evening.

“I always keep the place clean and I always keep cars crisp, chrome and shine, and since this thing here now, me find seh is like a chaos thing reach me. Me caah get fi wash nuh car cause a bare things a happen round here suh,” he said.

Great Marble Shine operators his business from the side of the road, using a bucket, wash rags. He says all of the day’s activities thus far have dampened his working spirit.

“A di end a di day it kinda upset me still, but me affi do weh di society and weh di media want. Me caah do nothing against it. Nobody nuh tell me seh me cah work, but by the action of the police and the operation, me jus draw in an nuh bada wah do nothing,” he said.

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