Student touched by visitor at school

October 15, 2019

A man who visited a high school in St Thomas last week reportedly touched a female student on her leg, leading to a police investigation.

THE STAR learnt that the man came to the school because he wanted to see the principal.

He was told by staff to have a seat in the waiting area but after a while, he started to roam the school compound.

It is unclear where on the compound he touched the student, however the child reported the incident to the school authorities.

The incident, which took place last Tuesday, was then reported to the police and the man apprehended. The child's mother was also called minutes after the child reported the incident.

Commanding officer for St Thomas, Superintendent Merlene Christie, said the man was charged, but not for any sexual offence.

"The child and mother came to the station where the alleged accuse was seen and spoken to and the matter resolved. He was found with an offensive weapon which he was charged for," she said.

The school principal said the incident is a first, but it has shown that the school lacks the proper security.

"There was a security breach which resulted in a visitor being on the corridors interacting with the students. (Based on) Our CCTV footage, the student was touched on her leg by the visitor. The child must be commended because she quickly moved away from the scene and I gather she came to my office to report the matter," he said. "What is obvious is that our security apparatus is inadequate. We did a security audit with the company and it showed some deficiencies. We are actively in conversation with the Ministry of Education to get active funding to boost our security arrangements in the school. Since the incident, we have met with the security company to ensure that this incident doesn't happen again. But we need the necessary support in getting better security so that all stakeholders can be better protected on the compound."

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