Have you seen Peaches Beckford?

September 11, 2019
Peaches Beckford
Peaches Beckford

Twickenham Park, St Catherine, resident Peaches 'Tiny' Beckford has been missing since last Monday.

Her daughter Opal Phillips said she and her family have not rested well since her disappearance and are fearful that she may have been 'taken' by someone.

"My mother has been suffering from bipolar depression for the past 20 years. This is the sixth time she has left our home but we usually find her shortly after. We would usually find her on the street naked. Usually, she would be found by a family member but this time there is no such luck. I am really worried that someone snatched her because is over a week and we can't find her," she said.

Beckford is known to frequent sections of Dunbeholden and Salt Pond Road in St Catherine.

Phillips stated that she last saw her mother last Sunday evening.

"I woke up about 8 a.m. and I realised that she had locked us inside the home. So I had to use the spare key to let us out. We began calling and searching for her and up to this day we haven't seen her," she said crying.

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of Peaches Beckford is being asked to contact the Central Village police at 876-984-2644 or contact Opal Phillips at 876-593-6853.

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