The two Peters clash

September 06, 2019

Two Peters, Phillips and Bunting, are in a battle for the leadership of the People’s National Party (PNP). Peter Phillips, the older of the two, has been leading the 81-year-old PNP since 2017.
Bunting, convinced that the PNP is unlikely to win the next general election with Phillips at the helm, has offered himself as the man to take the party into the future.

The STAR looks at the election records of both Peters in their respective constituencies.

Image result for jamaica gleaner peter phillipsPETER PHILLIPS
St Andrew East Central is a safe seat for the People’s National Party (PNP). Phillips first became MP in 1994 after the resignation of Arthur Jones.  He has retained the seat since then.
1994: Phillips easily won over an independent candidate. The by-election was boycotted by the JLP.
1997: Phillips by 5,356 over Godfrey McAllister
2002: Phillips by 3,113 over Claude Riddell
2007: Phillips by 2,456 over Claude Riddell
2011: Phillips by 2,925 over Beverley Prince
2016: Phillips by 2,243 over Beverley Prince






First ran for Parliament in 1993. His opponent was the Jamaica Labour Party’s Hugh Shearer. He won the election comfortably, but left politics after just one term. He later returned ahead of the 2007 general election to win the battleground seat of Central Manchester for the PNP. He is in his third term as MP there.
South East Clarendon, 1993, Bunting won by 1,443 votes
Central Manchester, 2007, Bunting by 115 over Sally Porteous
Central Manchester, 2011, Bunting by 539 over Danville Walker
Central Manchester, 2016, Bunting by 1,172 over Dr St Aubyn Bartlett

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