Magnum moves to correct fake news

August 19, 2019

J. Wray & Nephew Limited, the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Magnum Tonic Wine and owner of the Magnum Tonic Wine brand, says claims being made in a viral social media video about its products are completely false.

In the video, persons were seen comparing two Magnum bottles and declaring that one of them was a counterfeit item because it does not have numbers stamped on the bottom. However, J. Wray & Nephew said the conclusion reached is erroneous.

"We have two bottle suppliers who create bottles with and without serial numbers at the bottom of the packaging. Any properly sealed Magnum Tonic Wine bottle that contains or does not contain numbers on the bottom of the bottle, is from J Wray & Nephew Ltd," the company said.

"We are kindly asking members of the public to refrain from continuing to spread this misinformation," the company added.


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