Sjay looks to be a force in dancehall

December 06, 2021

Fast-rising recording artiste Sjay is calling out all the news-carrying men in his debut offering, Watchie P*ms."

Released on November 26, the track is produced under his own G.M.G. Production label.

"You know you have some men who instead of approaching a young lady and telling her how he feels about her, he would rather disrespect her and say a lot of things about her. I personally don't like those men, because women should be celebrated," Sjay said. "My hope is that this track will give me that break to open the doors, knowing that I understand the business better now. I really took the time out to get it right."

Hailing from a small community called Guava Gap in St Andrew, Sjay, whose given name is Sanjay Smalls, is focused on making a name for himself. The recording artiste, who has a disability, has not let this or anything else hold him back in pursuit of his dreams.

"Music has always helped me tell my life story for the whole world to hear, especially my inner thoughts that have been so hard to get out. I don't think of myself as different from anybody else. I am just putting my best foot forward and aiming to make a name for myself," he said.

Going forward as an artiste, he has major plans to not only make an impact on the music scene, but in the wider society as well.

"My aspiration is to be well-established in the music business. When the name Sjay is uttered, no one should have to ask who that is, especially in Jamaica. I also want to get rich because I want to help the poor in every possible way, with back to school, setting up businesses, providing medication and/or medical equipment, proper housing, anything to improve human living conditions," he said.

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