Stylysh sees importance of ‘side hustle’

October 23, 2020

Dancehall artiste Stylysh, like many of her colleagues in the music industry, has had her finances severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Worldwide lockdowns and persistent quarantine conditions resulted in very little activity on the entertainment scene, and so many had to turn to alternative ways of earning a living.

As the owner of Stylysh Fashion Factory, Stylysh said she understood all too well the importance of having a 'side hustle'. And, after observing how many women have stepped up their entrepreneurial game since the COVID-19 outbreak, she said she knew she had to pen a song in tribute to all the 'female hustlers'.

Go-getter ladies

"I have a new project, a new song out now called Dat A Me, and it represents fi di go-getter ladies dem. When mi say go-getter, mi a talk the ladies weh a do dem own hustle and a turn it up a notch. The women weh a do dem own thing and a secure dem own bags, whether dem a sell clothes, dem a do likkle hair or nails. Dem a sell Cash Pot or bleaching cream, or even if dem join OnyFans, dem a make dem own," she told Weh Dem Up To. "Basically, is a song fi big up dem ladies deh wid di independent spirit weh a push through, especially in a di quarantine yah when yuh affi have a side hustle or two. When mi look pan social media, mi see a lot of ladies a find something fi do. Nuff a dem lose dem work and instead of just sitting and looking handout, dem a try, and mi wah salute dem."

The entertainer says she will be launching a social media challenge to promote the track's message further.

"The challenge will be called the 'Dat A Me' challenge and will require women to show off their hustle while singing a part of the song. We're gonna give away a total US$1,000 to three females, because me want dem know say mi see dem," she said.

The artiste told Weh Dem Up To that now that she is fully recovered from injuries she sustained in a car accident last year, she is raring to release new material.

"At the moment I have a lot of things in the pipeline. I have another song called Not Alone, where I am reaching out to people and letting them know that in these trying times, they have people willing to stand with them and that we can face our issues together. We nuh affi be alone. I also have another song called Dun Mi Dun, and so, as I said, a [is] lot in store," she said.

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