Heavy D cries foul - Says voice notes give ‘wrong impression’

October 21, 2020
Heavy D
Heavy D

Artiste manager Heavy D is today defending his reputation, after leaked voice notes implied he has collected money for work not done by one of his artistes.

In the now-viral screenshots and leaked voice notes, a production house accuses Heavy D of owing $350,000 which was allegedly sent to him for his artiste Squash to record a song.

The voice says that the song was never recorded and that Squash didn't even know about the work he was being commissioned to do. But Heavy D told THE STAR that the voice notes paint a misconstrued picture.

"People have the wrong concept of everything and a call me all kinda things because it look like me a collect money fi artiste and dem don't know. The truth is that the artiste just see a man link him pan him page a ask bout work, and him tell him say him nuh know nothing 'bout that which is weh him a go say because a never him collect no money," he said.

The producer says he has never held on to money collected on behalf of artistes.

Now speculation

"Mi in a the business for 30 years and more and mi been responsible for collecting money for artistes all the time, but when mi collect money mi always gi di artiste it. Mi never collect money in music yet and nuh tell the artiste a weh it fah. So when people think Heavy D collect the money and do 'xyz' wid it, a lie," he said.

But based on another voice note which some persons believe features Heavy D's voice, there is now speculation that the relationship between him, Squash, and the entire 6ix camp has soured. Some even speculate that he is no longer the manager of the dancehall clique. But even as those stories gain momentum, Heavy D said his reputation is his only focus right now.

"Mi nuh wah comment pan dat. The main thing me a focus pan is the story weh dem have mi name and a say Heavy D a collect money and nah gi di artiste because that is the unfair thing in all this. No artiste can't come forward fi say me ever collect money fi things and nuh gi dem and a dat mi a address and wah people understand. If mi did a do dem thing deh, how mi woulda survive fi 30 years?" he questioned.

"You ask Spice, Etana, Tommy Lee and anybody else mi ever work wid if me ever collect money and nuh gi dem. Up to now, mi collect money for some artiste weh mi affi call a my house and gi dem di cheque. So mi nuh wah dem call mi name in a no story bout Heavy D a collect money and nah gi di artiste because dat a foolishness," he added. "Mi a go just deal wid my lawyer right now because if you and a man a go deal wid business and him a go put everything out in the public space like that it just nuh make sense to me."

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