High hopes for Steppers rhythm

October 20, 2020
Iyah Syte
Iyah Syte

United States-based music producer Kevin Hill, CEO of 24/7 Music Production LLC, has high hopes for his latest reggae compilation project, the Steppers rhythm.

"The very first song on the Steppers rhythm was Warning by Iyah Syte. I met Iyah Syte through a WhatsApp group by watching one of his videos on YouTube that he shared in the group. I was impressed with what I heard, so I decided to reach out to the artiste to record for me. Right away, he told me to send him some riddim so he can gwaan meds them. I sent him six riddims that day. The following day, he sent one of the riddims back and said, 'This'. That was the Steppers rhythm," Hill explained

Then Iyah Syte went to Smartkid Studio in Portmore to record Warning. The song was eventually released on May 1.

"Everywhere Iyah Syte went to promote the song, people talked about this song, and all the interviews he went on, you could hear the DJs telling him how powerful the song was. When we saw how big the song got after all the buzz behind it, we decided to do a compilation to give it an extra boost. And then in came the idea for the Steppers Rhythm project," Hill explained.

Hill had started his label on January 24, 2018, in Chesapeake, Virginia, and he felt it was time to take on a major reggae project. The COVID-19 pandemic at first made it challenging to attempt the project, because he said "people were kinda wary of doing any studio work at first".

Other songs on the project include Dark Cloud by Teflon and Nowhere Is Safe by Darrio.

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