‘Keep pushing’ - Skillibeng encourages students unhappy with CSEC results

September 30, 2020

In a recent interview that has now gone viral on social media, dancehall artiste Skillibeng revealed that he has a total of nine Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects.

Since then, the entertainer says he has been flooded with a barrage of congratulatory messages from fans who have been lauding his educational achievements.

But the entertainer told THE STAR that he wants to use the spotlight now being cast on him to stress the importance of a good education.

He says he especially wants to encourage students who are feeling downtrodden because of recent failures in their CSEC exams to keep pushing.

Feel really motivated

"All the love and praises I have been receiving just make me feel really motivated to continue promoting education because it is one of the most important things inna life. It's a good look for me because I'm a prime example of what it means to keep going no matter what," he said. "Right now me have English A and B, maths, office administration, principles of accounts, principles of business, information technology, human and social biology and agricultural science and a encouragement make me have dem. When mi did a go a school everybody weh play a parental role in a my life always push mi fi do good in school and a motivation make me achieve weh me achieve."

Well aware of the role model status that has now been thrust upon him as a public figure, Skillibeng says he wants to use his platform to be a source of encouragement for his younger fans. He said that some students are now feeling discouraged because of their recent results, and he wants to tell them to keep going.

"Skillibeng right now just wah encourage all students fi do dem best and if your best wasn't good enough the first time, try again. If you need certain qualifications fi do weh yuh really love as an occupation, just make sure say yuh keep pushing and make certain yuh accomplish it the next time around," he said.

Skillibeng, whose given name is Emwah Warmington, grew up in the Lyssons district in Retreat, St Thomas, where he attended Morant Bay High School. He sat his CSEC exams in 2014.

He told THE STAR that given his accomplishments, he could have chosen to enter any career field but was naturally drawn to entertainment.

"A music me did always love innu so at the end of the day mi do weh mi did passionate about. Mi always see myself a entertain people and so education was just a step in making sure I did that to the best of my ability," he said. "Everyone can create a song, a style, a certain flow and pattern. But at the end of the day, a di man who do all a dat the best a go stand out. Music is an art form. It's more than just flowing on a beat, it's about putting your words together, crafting them in a unique way weh a go make people medz things different. And only education can gi yuh da edge deh innu," he said.

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