D’Yani looks to keep musical momentum going

September 22, 2020

Still riding the waves of success from his breakout single Heaven Telegram, fast-rising recording artiste D'Yani is looking to keep the musical pendulum swinging as he gets ready to release his follow-up single and music video.

Vengeance is set to be released on Friday and D'Yani is hoping the single will keep his names on the lips of music listeners.

"With Heaven Telegram, it connected more than we ever expected. People loved the song and it really put me on to a lot of people. With Vengeance, we are aiming for a different target audience," he said. "Obviously, it nah go do the same thing weh Heaven Telegram do because it's speaking to a different emotion but the aim is to keep the momentum going by gaining a new audience."

Taboo topic

The entertainer explained that the track will address the not so taboo topic of infidelity, but will highlight the issue from a male perspective.

"It shows the man choosing to deal with it through retribution and vengeance where he also cheats to get back at the person and it's worse because I end up having relations with family members and not somebody outside her knowing," he said. "Some of the views expressed in the song are personal but not all of it is true. A lot of it is exaggerated but it's still very real and true because these same events are happening somewhere else in the world."

The song was produced by Downsound Records and selector Rolexx.

"After Heaven Telegram's success, they (Downsound Records and Rolexx) decided to come on board to help mi go forward and achieve even more success. All I can say about that is that I'm grateful and now that I have the opportunity, things a go continue to run in the right direction. Right now mi just a look forward to more work," he said.

- S.G.

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