Jahzi shares journey on new track

September 21, 2020

Recording artiste Jahzi is celebrating the release of his new record, Rude Is Out Here, produced by Shanevilla Records.

The record is an ode to his musical journey, and entails the pros and cons of capturing the spotlight in the competitive and saturated music industry.

"I reflected on my musical journey and the sacrifices it took to get me where I am. My brand is now building, thus I want to share this story with others, because people need to be inspired to keep pushing for their goals. You will face negative energy and various challenges, but the onus is on you to lock in and push until the very end," he said.

Shock value factor

The artiste also opined that Jamaica is not the easiest place to sell authentic music, since shock value has overshadowed talent.

"My management team has been appealing to international markets by advertising through social media platforms as well as putting in the groundwork in Jamaica. Some Jamaicans tend to go for shock value and that makes it hard for people who are actually doing good work. But we can't allow that to hold us back. We have to surpass the gimmicks with good material and consistency," he said.

The artiste also shared a few ideas which he believes can improve the dismal sales of reggae and dancehall music in recent times.

"We need to first ensure that the content in our music is acceptable, develop on our marketing skills, and support our own artistes. We have a new generation on the rise which have been doing a lot of clean, old-fashioned reggae and we have to celebrate that," he said.

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