‘Rude boy-looking’ gospel singer ministering to people

September 14, 2020
Hodean Carnagie
Hodean Carnagie
Hodean Carnagie
Hodean Carnagie

When Hodean Carnagie posted a video of himself singing gospel artiste Jabez's Drinking From My Saucer earlier this year, many persons were awed.

They were captured by not only his close resemblance to dancehall artiste Skillibeng, but, more importantly, by his soulful voice.

The video garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of shares, and many commentators encouraged the 32-year-old Scotts Pass, Clarendon resident to pursue a career in gospel music. What also impressed his viewers was his 'rude-boy' appearance, which includes bleached skin. He told THE STAR that his image usually had persons staring whenever he performs at funerals and church services. But he wasn't prepared for the outpouring of support when he posted the video.

"It was just a happy moment for me. I woke up and had food and clothes to wear and my environment was just right, and I was feeling grateful. That song always made me cry, and I like singing it when I am worshipping. I had just posted the video and, shortly after, came off FB (Facebook) for several months ... I was surprised when I logged back on months later and saw the reaction," he said. Carnagie sometimes performs for the congregation at a church in his community, and persons constantly encourage him to get baptised.

"People are always telling me to give my life to God and I should visit church more often. There are also persons who say that I am powerful more than some pastors when I am singing. If a church call and say I must come and sing, I am going to go, and I don't charge," he said. "I have reached persons that not even pastors can reach. I have spoken to bad men and they listened and put down their guns. I spent 10 years of my life in Spanish Town and I saw a lot of things that weren't of God, but I never once allow an environment or any particular situation to change me."

Also a lover of soul music, Carnagie said while he would test the musical waters professionally, he has no interest in making millions from it.

"If I should get a chance to have a career in music, I don't want the fame and fortune. I am not stupid and I don't want to get to anything that is not of God. If I am going to do music for compensation, it is just to get a little car and basics stuff to help me with my singing ministry," he said.

Carnagie also said that while he means no disrespect, he is not happy when persons say he looks like Skillibeng.

"That is not what I stand for. I always comment under posts and tell people not to do it because that artiste is a 'worlian' and I have heard them singing about voodoo and all type of things, and that is not me," said Carnagie. "It better people did say I fava Ninja Man."

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