Akino Dirtfree gets buzz from new single

August 12, 2020
Akino Dirtfree
Akino Dirtfree

Dancehall artiste Akino Dirtfree is generating a huge buzz with his latest single, Head and Shoulder on the Numbers Don't Lie rhythm.

The single was released on the Dane Raychords and Program Ova Everything Music (P.O.E.M) labels last month, and a video for the project was released recently.

Since that time, the video has been racking up thousands of views online.

"The feedback has been incredible so far. Crazy people ah link me on Instagram, and Facebook, and in the streets of Kingston and Runaway Bay. The people dem a show me mad love. Mi de ya fi stay, with quality over quantity," said Akino Dirtfree, whose given name is Norman Akino Clarke.


The deejay is also applying the finishing touches to a seven-track EP, which will be released this fall. He said it will have three surprise collaborations.

"But in the meantime, mi a drop some singles. The next single, Hardship, is a different kind of song, a reality meds to show how versatile I am," he said.

Hailing from the rough neighbourhood of Pink Lane in Denham Town, he is determined to make his mark in the music business.

"My mother has 14 youth, so my fight is personal to get the music out there. Mi nah work fi eat, mi ah work fi feed. Mi ah work fi take care of 14 of us, mi have to get out there, non-stop, till me ah everybody favourite," he said.

Akino Dirtfree migrated to the US in 2013 and recorded and released his first official single, Sidestep, in 2016, on his own Dirtfree Music label.

He has carved out an impressive underground following in Runaway Bay, St Ann. He put out an EP in 2018, and has been fine-tuning his sound while listening to a wide range of genres.

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