Tallup aiming for the top in dancehall

May 22, 2020
Tallup, dancer-turned-artiste.
Tallup, dancer-turned-artiste.

Dancer-turned-artiste Tallup says she was on the verge of establishing herself as a force in dancehall when the COVID-19 outbreak put a damper on her plans. Determined to continue her rise in the industry, the entertainer did not let the coronavirus stop her from writing and recording, and with the release of her latest single, Loot, Tallup is expecting to kick down doors as she makes her way to the top.

" Loot, produced by Asphalt Entertainment, is about success; going towards my dream. I've been working hard over the years and me feel a just my time now," said Tallup. "Me nah wait and me nah take no fi an answer. Me willing to defend myself and me rise as me go towards my dreams. This is what I love. I am a born entertainer and me ah guh make Jamaica recognise it sooner or later."

Dubbing herself the 'baddest female deejay' to come from Montego Bay, and the hottest up-and-coming female act, Tallup said she was even looking forward to making her Sumfest debut this year.

"I had many big shows set in place like BRT, Britjam and a whole heap more. Without a doubt, I had the hottest or one of the hottest songs right now, which is Sit Pan It with Macka Diamond, so most definitely Sumfest did affi sen come call me da year yah because I was working towards that and more," she said. "The pandemic has affected everybody but it really slowed me down because I was doing so good, and it's hindering me from performing and showcasing my talents on different platforms."


Although disappointed, Tallup says she has been using her time in isolation to grow her fan base.

"I've lost and gained because social media has become a big platform for me right now. I have gained a huge following and so I'm getting the attention there that I need to really push me some more when outside open back," she said. "Me fans dem really loving the song ( Loot). It deh pan everybody phone right now. Everybody talking about it and in the space of a day it got almost 30,000 views on YouTube. Me a make the whole isolation inside thing work fi me."

Still, while she is making the best of the quarantine situation, the deejay says she is anticipating being on the road again.

- S.G.