Fans travel far and wide to see Kanye

October 22, 2019
Hundreds of persons are seen tightly packed around the stage at Kanye West’s Sunday Service held at Emancipation Park in New Kingston.
Kanye west performs with choir at Sunday Service held at Emancipation Park, New Kingston, on Friday, October 18.

Kanye West’s ‘Sunday Service’ had Jamaicans travelling from far and near to Emancipation Park. Marlene Dixon told THE STAR that she travelled from Portland to experience the concert.

“It took me two and a half hours to get here. I’m not really familiar with Kanye West, I’m just here for the praising and to be a part of the excitement. My husband actually didn’t want me to come to the concert because he’s not coming, but I couldn’t miss this excitement. I want to see what it’s all about and why everybody and the media is talking about it,” she said excitedly.

Jamaicans weren’t the only people in the immense crowd. Pauline Smith from London, England, said she is in the island for her vacation but could not miss the service. “I have no expectations tonight so I can’t be disappointed. I’m just excited to see him. It’s really good that he came to Jamaica, that he chose Jamaica… that’s really nice and that will put Jamaica on the map one more time. It’s kinda nice, I’m quite surprised but it’s really nice.”

A young lady who goes by Lexi, said she skipped work to prepare for the concert. “Me not even go work today…me call in sick cause me come tonight fi jump up and dung and enjoy myself. How yuh mean? Kanye deh yah! Plus, a way a Hanover me travel from suh me did haffi start travel from early. A nuh like me coulda even leff work half day cause me lef Hanover afta three and still reach late. Me did haffi come enjoy dis. Me cah pay fi go see Kanye a farin, me not even have VISA, so me affi mek use a dem freeness yah.”

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