Miss Chin to refocus after signing management deal

August 23, 2019
Up-and -coming artiste, Miss Chin.
Up-and -coming artiste, Miss Chin.
KipRich’s babymother, aspiringg artiste, Miss Chin
KipRich’s babymother, aspiringg artiste, Miss Chin
John John Music Group’s newest artiste, Miss Chin
John John Music Group’s newest artiste, Miss Chin

Having taken the decision to dedicate her time to building her career, aspiring recording artiste Miss Chin has been busy trying to find her footing in a competitive industry.

She has now signed with John John Music, a label spearheaded by artiste manager, Shelly Curran.

In an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, Miss Chin, given name Yanique Shim, revealed that she approached Curran about becoming a member of her team, having previously operated as an independent artiste.

"I decided that I needed to seek management because I realised that it's a male dominated industry and, as a female artiste, it was really hard for me. I really needed a team and I think I made the best decision. I was really impressed by Shelly and what she has done for Devin Di Dakta. I approached her in regards to signing because who wouldn't want that kind of strength behind them?" she expressed. "I know definitely that this partnership will help my career because I will be able to grow as an artiste. I have seen how Devin has matured as an artiste. Being nominated for a Grammy, that's a big deal. So far I have been learning a lot. John John Music group does more than just manage you, they offer guidance and that's an important part of the growth process for any artiste."

Miss Chin, who owns and operates a nail salon, said that she's known Curran for a number of years. That is one of the main reasons the artiste says she is unconcerned with the chatter currently surrounding her new manager.


It is being said that Curran, having split with two female artistes recently, has issues maintaining healthy relationships with female clients. Miss Chin is undaunted.

"I used to do her nails and even then we used to talk about my career. I have indicated to her that I am ready to take my career to the next level and she is excited. I know she's serious about work and it's up to me to keep the same energy and everything will be fine," she said.

Chin said that the team has been busy sorting out the business side of the music, including securing lawyers, and combing through contracts.

She also revealed that John John Music has already begun working on her image and how she will be re-packaged for the music scene.

But the entertainer says that her approach to music will not change much. Miss Chin said she will remain true to her hardcore, dancehall roots but will be showcasing much more versatility.

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