Gospel Spotlight: Miracle saved Psalmist’s leg from amputation

August 23, 2019
Chavanna ‘Psalmist’ Chambers

When Chavanna ‘Psalmist’ Chambers went to the hospital three years ago, she did not expect to walk out with her two legs.

She was diagnosed with thrombosis in 2016, and the doctors recommended amputation.

A police constable, Chambers told THE WEEKEND STAR that her sickness crept up on her suddenly.

“I know that God is real as it was after coming off beat duties, I went back to the station and I found that something was wrong with my right leg. I still didn’t believe it was serious until I went to get a medical check-up and the doctor told me that I was suffering from multiple myeloma thrombosis,” Chambers said.

The 32-year-old said she took her problems to the Lord, but the doctors were convinced that amputation was the way to go.


A songwriter and singer, Chambers has so far recorded three singles, Call On Jesus, Waymaker Remix, and God’s Amazing Love On A Sinner.

“So far I have recorded these three singles and it was while being hospitalised for the amputation of my leg that I recorded the first song, and having received the miracle, the others followed,” Chambers said.

“I have seen where things have changed for me as I was healed through God’s divine intervention. I have gone into the ministry in a meaningful way. I have now seen where I have taken the words to all over, locally and abroad, and I continue to be a blessing to those I share my story with,” Chambers said.

Chambers was a Rising Stars contestant in 2016 but her stay in the competition was short-lived. However, her talent was noticed within the Jamaica Constabulary Force and she was invited to join the organisation’s choir. She said her aim in the gospel ministry is to be among the top five artistes in Jamaica and the world.

Chambers said that her Christianity has helped in her daily interaction with her peers and members of the public.

“I was born here in Portmore, therefore I have started the Breaking the Silence treat to give back to the children and it’s a great sense of joy. As I earn from the music, I look out for those who look forward,” Chambers said.

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