"We did not deliver what was promised" ... Unity in the City organizers say sorry

August 19, 2019
Fancy Cat (left) Alaine (centre) and Ity Ellis keep the audience entertained during Unity in the City held at the National Stadium on Saturday, August 17.
Minister Marion Hall in performance at Unity in the City held at the National Stadium on Saturday. August 17.

Amid an avalanche of negative comments about this year's staging of Unity in the City, the Organizing Committee has issued an apology to patrons who were left displeased about Saturday's show. 

The committee said that having reviewed the feedback, "it is clear we did not deliver what was promised".

The committee has promised to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that Unity In The City 2020 is a great experience



We, the organisers of Unity In the City, wish to thank all who attended the show on Saturday, 17th August 2019. We were overwhelmed and humbled by the interest and support that swelled the days leading up to the event and the turnout was just as humbling and worthy of praise. We are even more gratified that despite the obvious challenges thousands of patrons stayed to the end.

Our plan was to execute a one-of-a-kind gospel and worship experience that would bring everyone together to proclaim the glory and name of the living God. We see this as a mandate from the Lord to transform the nation for the present and future generations of Jamaicans. And we are very committed to this mandate.

While many of our patrons have commended us on the great experience they had, others have expressed that for them it was less than ideal. This is sorely regrettable and we deeply apologise for it.

We value the patronage and are equally disappointed when the time, effort and the money of any patron is expended only to have returns that fail to deliver on what was promised. And as we review the feedback it is clear we did not deliver what was promised.

Of note was the absence of our international ambassador, and Unity in the City regular, Travis Greene. The timing of the communication of his non-appearance along with other scheduling and logistics related to some of the acts on the show impacted the event’s production.

Still, we would be remiss in not acknowledging the many things for which to give God thanks. We believe that people were blessed and that strongholds were broken. We believe that healing came to expectant hearts, redemption came to many who were seeking and that lives were changed.

We are grateful to our sponsors for the confidence they have placed in us as we collaborated for the fulfilment of the mandate.  We thank, also, our prayer teams, pastors, our volunteers, partners and suppliers, many of whom extended grace to us in many respects as we worked on Unity In The City 2019.

There will be a Unity In The City 2020. Our plans have already started, however, we will pause, at this time, to consider the feedback our patrons have shared and move to make the necessary adjustments that will ensure Unity In The City 2020 is a great experience for all concerned. In the meantime, we ask our patrons to share their concerns with us at feedback4unity@gmail.com .

Once again thank you for your support of Unity In The City, the movement. Our vision is to execute a world-renowned gospel event at the highest standard of excellence. We appreciate your patience, grace and honest feedback and look forward to seeing you in 2020.


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