Slangs won’t last, but songs will - Ganggoolie says internet sensations should appreciate artistes

August 14, 2019
Dancehall deejay Ganggoolie and Internet personality Candy Baddy.
Contributed Dancehall deejay Ganggoolie and Internet personality Candy Baddy.
Ian Allen/Photographer
Ian Allen/Photographer Mackerel

Online trolls call it being an opportunist, Ganggoolie calls it putting people on.

His music video for Wow, a single featuring internet sensation Candy Baddie, has surpassed 100,000 YouTube views since its release two weeks ago.

Candy is the lead star in the video, and her popular 'wow' slang (her claim to fame a few months ago) accentuates the chorus.

The collaborative effort follows Ganggoolie's Mackerel video released in April, which was criticised for capitalising on internet personality Mackerel as her 'tek weh people man' slogan was incorporated on the track using her vocals, though she did not appear in the video.

Speaking to THE STAR, Ganggoolie said he is not taking advantage of Candy's current buzz, and explained that internet personalities benefit from working with artistes.

"Weh dem Internet sensation yah need fi understand is when an artiste deejay bout yuh, appreciate it 'cause it mek yuh thing get bigger worldwide," he said. "At the end of the day, how long yuh slang a go last? The song will last forever. People all over the world a go always search for the song or video, so it's a win-win situation when dem work with artistes."


1Ganggoolie noted successful collaborations of the past, like Bogle and Beenie Man, John Hype teaming up with Beenie Man, and Ding Dong with Elephant Man.

"People mek it seem like a Ganggoolie alone a win when it's both partners. From the song good, just work with it," he said.

He shared that he met Candy prior to her celebrity status and recognised her star potential, even including her in one of his stage performances.

The two have another collaboration, Candy Wine, inspired by her viral rendition of the muscle wine dance, for which he penned a song eight years ago.

His desire to help others on their quest to fame does not always end on a happy note.

In a previous interview with THE STAR, he labelled Mackerel as ungrateful after they could not settle on fees for her to appear in the Mackerel music video.

"Nobody never try collab wid me back in the days until me have strength, a only Bounty Killer alone send call me in 2005 and me and him par fi couple years then me go pon mi own, and me always remember that," he said. "Mi don't like when people ungrateful. Di Mackerel ting, a just people get in her head 'cause she was going to shoot the video and people tell her foolishness. It's the same thing with Candy now. People a try get in her head because she has the spotlight now, a tell her not to par wid Ganggoolie. But me nuh mek money off dem, me just a try give dem a push."

He encouraged Candy to remain level-headed and be wary of her circle to avoid being a has-been.

"Just understand seh as an entertainer, money will come along the way. Some shows yuh a fi do for free, because of the platform it gives you, and others you charge. If she continue mek the same set of people tell her foolishness she nah go nowhere. Mi love and respect her, and if she ready fi mi give her a hand I will do it," he said.