Munga delivers strong Sumfest performance

July 20, 2019

"Last year dem pronounce me dead but this year, mi risen."

That was the declaration made by Munga Honourable as he served up an energetic set inside Catherine Hall on Festival Night One of Reggae Sumfest.

His reference to death was in relation to a vehicular accident which claimed the life of Tashana Cumbermack, a resident of Canada. Munga, who was a passenger in the vehicle, was hurt in the crash.

Prior to his appearance at Sumfest the entertainer promised an unforgettable set. He did just that as he changed the pace of the entire show with his 20-minute set.

Declaring that he came to 'take his place', it was clear from his opening song that the entertainer would give the show his all. Clad in a gold suit tailored by designer Carlton Brown, Munga Honourable quickly reminded patrons of why he was once one of dancehall's biggest acts.

In an interview with The STAR after his performance, the entertainer said he did not hold back because he had something to prove to himself and his fans.

"Not to be over zealous but in confidence, mi know me sing some songs weh di people dem love and weh di people dem wah hear, so many hit songs and all me did affi do a deliver," he said.

"We a do dis from St Mary High School and Tarrant Comprehensive when we a knock bench and a entertain people. We said were coming for the gold. It was the endeavor from the beginning to come out here and deliver."

The entertainer who performed in a relatively early slot said he hopes his delivery will earn him a later performance spot come next year.

"I would apprecilove dat but a lot of stalwarts a perform early too so we just a gwaan see what happens," he said.

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