Jahiant releases video for 'Shoot The Youth'

January 18, 2017

Recording artiste Jahiant has completed the video for his song 'Shoot The Youth', which is a part of the Jahiant production.

The video was shot by Jah Cutta in Ottawa, Canada, and directed by Anne Saleh and James Harkness.

Jahiant, whose real name is Mark Campbell, is based in Canada, but grew up in Christian Pen, a community located in the Gregory Park division of Portmore, St Catherine.

Growing up, Jahiant has seen the plight of young men being killed senselessly and he sees himself as the voice of the people who are deemed to be under attack.

The Rastafarian artiste hit out against the 'Babylon system' and shared that the youth must embrace peace, unity and righteousness.

He further stated that the song is to bring awareness to the youth and to mothers and fathers who are under siege from the 'Babylon system' for many years.

He said it is time they wake up and fight the system that is killing the youth, and not only in Jamaica.

"The song is targeting injustice all over the world, to bring awareness to the people that they should wake up and put a stop to all these injustices," he said.

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