Spice sounds warning... Says back-to-school treat not for those who can buy Brazilian hair

August 17, 2019

Dancehall Queen Spice has urged people who can afford to buy back-to-school supplies for their children to stay away from her treat, which is planned for this Tuesday.

Spice, who has been posting photos of several of the supplies, said that she is not afraid to lose friends as a result of her stance.

"If you can afford to buy the bag, leave it for the people who can't," she said.

Spice's back-to-school treat will start at noon, at the Maverley Gospel Hall in St Andrew. More than 500 children will benefit from this year's staging annual treat.

In a post on social media, the Cool It singer said she has been getting calls from friends who are seeking to have her reserve particular items for their children. She has expressed disgust at the requests.

"Me and yuh know seh if yuh can buy Brazilian hair, if you can do certain little things, cause you know Brazilian hair costly...and if yuh can tek up hundred and and odd thousand dollar and buy Brazilian hair, and fix up and gwane wid yuh self, yuh can afford to buy a bag for school," Spice contended.

She made it clear that persons who can afford to spend in such a manner are not the targets of her treat.

"Leave it for the people who can't afford it. Let my back-to-school go to people who really really need it," she said.

A video, posted on her social media page last weekend, shows the entertainer is far advanced in putting things together for the treat.

Her living room was flooded with school supplies, including high-end Jansport book bags.